Conditions Regarding Account Transfer Operation:

1. Customer shall transfer accounts following the steps provided on the website of InvestAZ. Specified fields must be filled in.

2. Customer must firstly consider the fact that for complete and legal approval of the account transfer operation it is necessary to open an account upon InvestAZ and add required financing. Opening and closing new positions shall not be taken place unless this period ends.

3. With transferring Customer operations to InvestAZ "prior approval" position is opened as well.

4. This position or positions at the time of account transfer will remain the same position, reflecting the same price, balance and equity of the customer.

5. By closing position at another company, Customer shall transfer his funds ( the balance available during the closing of account) to InvestAZ within 24 hours (1 working day).

6. Customer is personally responsible for the transfer of funds since InvestAZ shall not meet any expenses or delay which may arise from the bank's side.

7. Customer shall activate the account by completing the account opening forms during this period.

8. In case if required operational funds are not transferred or account opening process is not completed, InvestAZ shall consider Customer operation as not opened.

9. In case of expiration of account transfer period, the process shall be completed without any additional costs or commision.

10. Click to review the list of currency pairs and target Spreads offered by InvestAZ.