Options Market Maker

InvestAZ is a liquidity provider in Options market of Borsa Istanbul.

          Discover plenty of opportunities with Options.

          Get the right to buy and sell a specific asset at an agreed-upon price on a specified date.

          An option is a contract that gives the right to buy and 

          sell an underlying asset at a specified price on a certain date;

          You can benefit from short term trading, due to high liquidity in options market;

          A perfect financial solution to hedge your investments against market risks;

          You can trade with the lowest margin requirements.

          Take a control of your investments with options.

          Benefit from the various opportunities available in the derivatives market.

          You are free to act on the contract solely when the result 

          is in your favor;

          No need to care about the risks of counterparty;

          Provides stability and predetermination of prices;

          Your trading activity is regulated by the state regulatory authorities.

          Discover the Advantages of Options with InvestAZ

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          Liquidity provider of Borsa Istanbul

          InvestAZ is an official liquidity provider in Options market of Borsa Istanbul.

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          Licensed investment company 

          Your investments are in the most reliable company licensed by the State Committee for Securities of Azerbaijan.

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          Strategic Partner of Borsa Istanbul

          InvestAZ is a strategic member of the BIST Listing program organized for listing foreign companies at Borsa Istanbul.

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          Market maker of Baku Stock Exchange

          InvestAZ is the sole maker and liquidity provider in FOREX market of Baku Stock Exchange.

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